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Center for Certification of Polymer Composite Materials Opens at Tekhnologiya Science and Production Company (ONPP) in Kaluga Region

The Aviation Registry under the International Aviation Committee has accredited a science and research laboratory of A.G.Romashin Tekhnologiya ONPP (a member of Rostech State Corporation). as a technically competent center to test polymer composite materials and products therefrom intended for use in commercial aviation.

Andrey Silkin, Director General, Tekhnologiya ONPP, said: “Availability of an internal accredited laboratory will, first of all, promote the efficiency of import substitution process in relation to materials to be used to manufacture parts for Russian-made MS-21 commercial airplane, as work stages will be carried out at one research and production site.  Apart from that, we will benefit from availability of the polymer composite materials testing center while implementing other projects. Research and development works are to be completed within a shorter periods of time, thus the products’ cost will be reduced”.   

The accredited science and research laboratory has all necessary equipment. Its employees have developed a number of unique proprietary methods and means to determine chemical and physical properties of  polymer composite materials and to carry our non-destructive testing of products. The certificate issued by  Aviation Registry under the International Aviation Committee will give an opportunity to the laboratory to perform testing for other Russian companies.