HYAT Russia announces the investments to the second plant at the territory of Special Industrial Economic Zone “Kaluga”

HAYAT Russia, a subsidiary of HAYAT Holding, has been investing RUB 9 bln in the construction of a new plant for the production of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins of Papia and Familia brands, as well as basic paper on the territory of Borovskaya Site of Special Industrial Economic Zone Kaluga.

It will be the Company’s fourth plant in Russia with a capacity of 70,000 tons of products per year. This high-tech facility will strengthen the position of HAYAT Russia as the largest producer of sanitary products in the country with a total production volume of 280,000 tons. The total investment of HAYAT Holding in Russia reaches RUB 60 bln, while the number of staff members amount to 2,500 people, including FMCG, construction and woodworking business in Russia.

"Our stable growth and leadership in the Russian market forces us to provide Russian consumers with high-quality products in an even greater volume. Now, we are ready to employ additional 250 persons, increasing the total number of staff members at the Kaluga plant to 600 people,” commented Metin Mete, Director General of HAYAT Russia.

"Our company supplies products to 88,500 retail points in Russia and exports its goods to 14 countries around the world,” – added Metin Mete.


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