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LafargeHolcim Kaluga Region Plant Breaks Record in Using Alternative Fuels

LafargeHolcim Kaluga Region Plant has reached a maximum level of natural gas substitution with sorted solid municipal waste.

The share of alternative fuel grew from 10% to 14%. In July 2019  the solid waste supply line at LafargeHolcim concrete plant located in Ferzikovo district reached its design capacity of 15 t per hour. For the first time since the moment of the plant startup the alternative fuel in the amount of 6,109 t was used within a month, which exceeded the budget-specified performance by  2,040 t.

LafargeHolcim  is the only concrete manufacturer in Russia to use solid waste as fuel for cement kilns. In 2015 an alternative fuel shop was commissioned at the plant. The shop features a unique unit ensuring environmentally safe disposal of solid waste. The company invested RUR240 million in construction of the alternative fuel shop. The project is unique as waste disposal provides for power generation without any hazardous  ash residue. The cement kilns (oxidation atmosphere and temperature of up to 2000°С in the combustion zone) guarantee safe ignition conditions more then sufficient to combust even stable organic compounds. There is no ash residue in the course of combustion as  it reacts with raw materials directly in the kiln to form clinker, a cement intermediate product.