MACO FURNITURA: Our Priority Task is Cooperation with Reliable Partners in the Russian Federation

According to MACO FURNITURA, now is the best moment for MACO Multi-Eco to fully localize its production in Russia. This is to further ensure the stability of the team work. For this plant, it is planned to cooperate with reliable partners based in the Russian Federation.

The stamped parts of the fittings line at the MACO plant is about 70% so far. To produce all other fitting components, the company plans to attract Russian suppliers. All raw materials necessary for this are produced in Russia.

MACO FURNITURA is a branch of an Austrian manufacturer of fittings for windows, doors and large-format sliding structures. The company’s plant has been operating in the Kaluga-Yug Industrial Park since 2010. This is the first MACO production site outside Austria.

The localization process of MACO fittings production in Kaluga was launched in 2020. In a year, the company managed to master the industrial stamping of parts for MACO Multi turn-only hardware and tilt-and-turn fittings. This made it possible to reduce the import of semi-finished products from Europe by 70%, and to increase the number of jobs.



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