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Kaluga-Based Continental Tire Plant Received Annual Quality Award

Kaluga-based Continental tire plant received internal corporate as the Best Plant among all plants of the Company manufacturing tires for cars and light trucks by its quality parameters. Complaints by customers, effectiveness of production processes and quality of rubber mixes were taken into account when making assessment. The team of the plant, which includes more than 1,000 employees, celebrated the victory on the 10th of April.

“We managed to achieve such high status over 5-year period only and we maintain our leading positions. Awarding for the second year in a row testifies that our success did not come merely by chance, but a result of standardized production processes, outstanding teamwork, continuous training of personnel and flexible response to changes. I am sincerely proud of the work done by our specialists and I congratulate everybody with the victory”, says Georgy Rotov, Director General, OOO Continental Kaluga.

“Kaluga-based tire plant brings into action our production motto Do It Right the First Time. It means that the plant team is aligned processes in such effective way that it delivers products of the highest quality with minimum waste, lean approach to energy resources, efficient consumption of raw materials, while complying with labor safety requirements. I congratulate the team of the Kaluga plant with an excellent result”, says Klaus Petchik, Head of HSE and Quality Management Department, Tires Division.

Skilled professionals, system of local and international personnel training programs, network knowledge sharing within the company, modern equipment and highly automated production level are the key factors of the success. Cooperation with Continental Research Center in Hannover (Germany) allows to launch new models of tires in production swiftly, qualitatively and just in time. Over the last months, the plant invested in additional equipment and began serial production of two models at once: летнего варианта EcoContact 6, summer version, using innovative rubber mix, and IceContact 3, winter version, with rubber-coated studs.

Independent audits proved on multiple occasions the compliance of products and production technologies with stringent standards; experts made special notes about high professionalism of employees. As of today, the plant successfully underwent 55 audits; number of international quality certificates was awarded upon results of these audits.

Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan, Toyota and many others are among the brands that use products manufactured by the plant. More than 200 names of tires labelled Made in Russia are exported now to the countries of Europe, Asia and Northern America.