Specialists of Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise “Technologiya” developed a new device for the treatment and diagnosis of malignant tumors by radiation therapy

Obninisk Research and Production Enterprise “Technologiya” being a part of Rostec State Corporation together with National Medical Radiological Research Center developed a device for brachytherapy increasing the effectiveness of the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors by radiation therapy. The product is designed using the additive technologies and leaves behind analogues presented on the market in terms of characteristics.

The device provides a more precise positioning of brachytherapy needles used for spot implantation of radioactive micro-sources into the tumor or the tissue around it. Due to the use of 3D printing technology, the new product received 25 channels for positioning per 1 sq. cm., which is 25% more than that of imported analogues, which ensures more accuracy of implantation and the effectiveness of treatment.

“This new product was developed by Obninisk Research and Production Enterprise “Technologiya” together with the National Medical Radiological Research Center. The device significantly improves the positioning accuracy of brachytherapy needles and the effectiveness of operations on complex malignancies. The new product is made of an alloy of cobalt and chromium and, unlike similar products made of plastic and metals, that are subject to oxidation, it can be used repeatedly," noted Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec State Corporation.

The device is designed for brachytherapy of malignant tumors in the pelvic region. There are plans to design similar devices for the treatment of tumors of other localizations.

 “The developed product is the result of joint work of scientists from two Obninisk Research Centers. And this is not the first case of effective interaction of our company with the National Medical Radiological Research Center. Last year, we made boxes for medical institutions to protect doctors from infectious hazards during diagnostic, therapeutic and therapeutic measures. There are other collaborations as well. This shows that our technologies can be successfully implemented in the medical industry," said Andrey Silkin, General Director of Obninisk Research and Production Enterprise “Technologiya”.


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