Two companies – Alkhimet LLC (Russia) and SAN MARCO RUSSIA LLC (Italy) – have been granted resident status for Kaluga industrial production special economic zone by a decision of an expert council of the RF Ministry of Economic Development. The companies whose combined project investments are 766 million rubles chose the Lyudinovo site of Kaluga SEZ.

Earlier, in December 2015, resident status was granted to three companies: Krasin Pencil Factory LLC, Ecological House-Building Company Lyudinovo LLC and VODOSTOP LLC, with combined project investments of 4.7 billion rubles.

Kaluga SEZ occupies two sites in Lyudinovo and Borovsk Districts of Kaluga Region and is the closest industrial site of its kind to Moscow. The area of special economic zone Kaluga is 1042 hectares. The SEZ offers all regional advantages, including access to engineering, transport and business infrastructures, as well as a number of additional federal and regional tax benefits and customs preferences. Industrial development within the SEZ will contribute to the modernization of manufacturing in southern and northern districts of Kaluga Region and create conditions for the development of high tech economic sectors.

Alkhimet LLC is an investment project involving the construction of a plant for manufacturing of innovation hardware products with business plan investments of 598 million rubles and 50 new jobs. The plant will implement the world’s best resource saving technologies to manufacture extra durability zinc-coated corrosion resistant steel wire. These technologies not only reduce energy consumption by 3-4 times, but are also pollution free.

SAN MARCO RUSSIA LLC is an investment project for the construction of a plant for manufacturing of paints and varnishes with business plan investments of 168 million rubles and 20 new jobs.

San Marco Group is a group of industrial companies specializing in manufacturing and sale of paints and decorative coatings for professional builders. The Italian company that was established more than half a century ago (in 1962) has developed into an international market leader. Today, San Marco Group includes 9 companies and 7 trademarks and holds a top position in the Italian segment of professional paints and decorative construction materials. Each year, the group invests nearly 5% of its annual sales revenues. The San Marco plant has developed a broad spectrum of materials and technologies for professional construction. Ongoing research resulted in the creation of innovation siloxane resin based materials for façade works with greater durability and resistance characteristics than those of traditional lime based materials. For interior works, the company developed a range of materials with low environmental impact and high quality paints ensuring the highest levels of residential comfort and health protection. These paints produce no odor, do not contain organic solvents, formaldehydes or other harmful components, they are antiallergenic and in some cases specially purposed for food processing premises.

The aim of the project is to bring Italian production of premium paints and varnishes to Russia while maintaining the same level of quality.  

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Special economic zones offer residents considerable benefits. The state invests significant funds to create comfortable business environments in SEZ and expects these benefits to be used by responsible companies - companies contributing to the formation of a competitive economy, whose projects are aimed at the creation of new products and services to support import substitution and develop export potential.

That is why business plans of potential investors undergo expert evaluation on regional and federal level. Expert councils are formed by reputable experts from various industries who evaluate both the financial status of the applicant and availability of resources for implementation of declared plans and also the significance of the project for development of the real sector of the economy and its socio-economic effect.

Special economic zone expert councils are formed to evaluate business plans of companies applying for SEZ resident status. Members of expert councils are representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, executive agencies of constituent subjects of the Russian Federation, Special Economic Zones JSC, research and other organizations and independent experts.


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