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The Scope of Works Performed by Tekhnologiya ONPP Exceeded RUR5 Billion in 2019

The scope of works performed by Tekhnologiya ONPP named after A.G.Romashin (a member of Rostekh State Corporation) equaled RUR5.5 billion, exceeding the planned figures by 5% in 2019.  The company fulfilled all its obligations under the state defense order and reached target values in production of commercial products. The share of such products in the company’s sales equaled 23%.  

As of the end of 2019 Tekhnologiya ONPP’s share in the Russian market of aviation transparency and glazing products reached 45%. The company is also the largest supplier of glass products for railway driver’s cabins  (market share - 70%). The company supplied over 10 t of polymer composite materials to its customers.   

In 2019 Tekhnologiya ONPP fulfilled all orders  placed by aerospace industry. It manufactured over 200 product of polymer composite materials, including 23 sets of fairing cowl sets for Proton-M and Angara launch vehicles, 80 components for spacecraft (solar battery frames and thermal regulation panels).  

Tekhnologiya ONPP manufactured over 15,000 glazing products for ships, railway equipment and aviation.

For instance, it designed and supplied to its customers glazing products for pilot’s room of icebreaking ferry (Project СNF11CPD), hi-tech glazing products for two Kometa 120M sea-going hydrofoil motor vessels. Tekhnologiya ONPP has expanded the range of glazing products for railway transport.

For instance, Tekhnologiya ONPP experts have designed electrically heated glazing for RA-3 railway buses. Its products are installed in driver’s cabins of the first railway buses operated on Sakhalin.