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AstraZeneca Industries — production of finished dosage forms and construction of pharmaceutical warehouse

May 2015
AstraZeneca and Active Molecules’ Park of Kaluga announced beginning of cooperation
October 2015
High-tech factory of AstraZeneca biopharmaceutical company is opened
September 2017
New high-tech production process is launched at the factory of AstraZeneca Industries

AstraZeneca commissioned a plant in Kaluga Region (Vorsino Industrial Park) in 2015. The company invested $224 million in its construction. Since then, AstraZeneca continues to consistently develop its local production facility.

AstraZeneca’s plant manufactures over 30 innovative drugs for treatment of oncological, cardiological, gastroenterological, psychiatric and pulmonological diseases. This represents almost 80% of the company’s portfolio in Russia.

“The launch of the new drug, the transfer of technologies is an important landmark in our company’s development in Russia. We are receiving tremendous support both from the federal and regional government. The plant is staffed by high-qualification specialists whose mission is to find new solutions for cancer treatment. The Russian market is a top priority. As we continue to expand production capacities, we are also considering exports to other markets.”    

Leon Wang, Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca International Division   

AstraZeneca is an international innovative biopharmaceutical company aiming at research, development and commercial use of prescription drugs in such key therapy areas as oncology, cardiology and diabetes, respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and also in neurology.

The Company is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide, and millions of patients use its innovative medicines.  At the official ceremony for the launch of manufacturing of the new targeted drug for lung cancer treatment, the company’s representatives revealed AstraZeneca’s intention to make additional investments of more than RUR700 million in acquisition, construction, manufacturing, delivery, installation and validation of equipment for its new production line.