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MACO Furniture — fixtures for windows

October 2006
Agreement to implement project to manufacture fixtures for windows
October 2007
Groundbreaking ceremony at the first plant in Russia
January 2010
Installation of semi-finished products produced and processed in Austria is performed under strict supervision of quality compliance

MACO Furniture Plant producing fixtures for windows is located at the territory of Kaluga-Yug Industrial Park, at 5.0 ha land plot. Process data: Phase I and II: installation of fixtures with predominantly manual operations; Phase III: surface technology, cast with zinc alloy, perforating.

Approximate number of project employees and workers: 200-300 persons

The enterprise is oriented on the needs of Russian market; products are sold through own marketing branch. Logistics branch in Kaluga guarantees timely supplies to Russian clients.

MACO manufactures fixtures at three Austrian plants and sells them in more than 40 countries worldwide. The Company has its subsidiaries in 15 countries. More than 2,000 employees are involved in operations from the product development to its marketing.