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Novo Nordisk — Insulin production

April 2014
Official ceremony dedicated to construction start of Novo Nordisk insulin plant
April 2015
Opening ceremony for high-tech Novo Nordisk plant to produce modern insulins for diabetes therapy
June 2016
Agreement is signed to design and build new shop to assemble prefilled syringes FlexPen® at the Company plant in Kaluga region
September 2017
Ministry of Industry and Trade issued to Novo Nordisk license for production of insulin finished dosage forms in Grabtsevo Industrial Park in Kaluga Region
September 2018
Official ceremony dedicated to the launch of Novo Nordisk insulin full cycle production

Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical company with 90-year history of innovations and leadership in diabetes treatment. More than 28 mln persons in 180 countries use Novo Nordisk medicines for diabetes therapy on a daily basis. These are every second patient worldwide. The Company also has leading positions in such areas as hemostasis control, therapy with somatotropic hormone, hormonal replacement therapy for women and for obesity treatment.

Total volume of investments amounted to more than RUR 8 bln. Novo Nordisk headquarters are located in Denmark; there are more than 42,000 employees working at 77 subsidiaries of the Company, and its products are supplied to more than 165 countries.

“The construction of the new plant in Kaluga shall be viewed as a clear demonstration of Novo Nordisk long-term commitment to provide support to Russian people suffering diabetes. According to available research data some ten million people in Russia suffer from this disease. Our investments in the Russian plant ensure availability of high quality next generation insulin to Russian patients who have to take insulin every single day.”

Lars Rebien Sorensen, Novo Nordisk CEO

Novo Nordisk plant is the first in Russia and the only one greenfield project to produce comprehensive portfolio of modern insulins (Levemir®, NovoRapid® and NovoMix® 30). The plant produces the insulin solution from own original substance, it fills and packs insulins in cartridges as well as in pens. The most advanced technologies are used in the project as far as it concerns environmental safety and energy efficiency.

Construction of the plant in Kaluga fully complies with the Strategy of Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Development for 2020 perspective; it strengthens drug safety of the country, makes substantial contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry, and promotes high technologies transfer and higher level of diabetes treatment in Russia.

The most advanced energy efficient and safe technologies are use at the Company’s Kaluga plant. All production processes comply with standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).