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Biological Safety Center to Be Established in Kaluga Region

On November 28, 2016 a cooperation agreement was signed between Kaluga Region Government and Tekleor. The agreement provides for implementation of an investment project related to construction of a center for development and introduction of accelerated electron treatment technologies. The agreement was signed by Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, and Sergey Budnik, Managing Director, Tekleor OOO.     

The project is to be implemented in Agro-K industrial park. The new facility with the annual capacity of 30,000 t is to process over 100 types of food products with due consideration of packaging, temperature and gas environment requirements. Over 60 new jobs will be created. Scope of investments – over RUR 300 million. The facility is to be commissioned in Q2 2017.

Sergey Budnik said: “The specialized treatment technology will make food biologically safe for a long period of time and preserve food freshness. People with compromised immunity will get access to adequate nutrition, while manufacturers will preserve their produce. The technology offers another advantage. Food products may be treated after packaging”.

Anatoly Artamonov in his turn pointed out that the project was of great importance for agricultural businesses. He said: “Farmers and SMEs will be able to make their products more competitive”.

At an early stage of the project implementation major retail chains, wholesale distribution centers, social catering facilities, the Ministry of Defense and the Federal State Reserve Agency expressed their interested in this unique technology combating bacteria poisoning.

The technology is based on the use of accelerated electrons. They penetrate the packaging, which protects food from bacterial contamination. The process application helps mitigate oncology risks associated with carcinogen developments, for instance, it prevents mycotoxin formation in baby food. The technology also allows using more versatile range of products of plant and animal origin as raw materials for food, cosmetics and medicines.

The center for development and introduction of accelerated electron treatment technologies has developed a process, which, according to experts, is safe for consumers and does not generate and chemical or biological waste. This is the best conservation and disinfection technology of its kind.