NLMK-Kaluga: Leader of Russian Steel Industry in Terms of Labor Productivity

NLMK-Kaluga next generation electrometallurgy plant (a member of Rolled Steel Russia Division of NLMK Group) has won Labor Productivity: Russian Industry Leaders 2019 All-Russia Award in Steel Industry nomination

The rating organizers analyzed data on 5,000 industrial facilities, whose aggregated revenue equaled 51% of the Russian GDP. The companies employ over 5.5 million people.  
NLMK-Kaluga labor productivity in 2018 equaled RUR 39.05 million per one employee (a45.6% increase as compared to 2017).

The company managed to demonstrate such exemplary performance due to implementation of operations efficiency increase programs, and the development of Production System covering all corporate business processes and including lean production, rational arrangement of workplaces, personnel motivation and initiative promotion.
Apart from that, NLMK-Kaluga was named the best company in terms of labor productivity in Kaluga Region for the fourth time.

About Award
Labor Productivity Award is an annual project  of Production Management Business Portal. the first rating was prepared in 2015. The key objectives of the Award are the following: to determine industry leaders in Russia, its regions and main industry segments, to identify companies, which manage to demonstrate unique achievements through   all-out efforts, developing Russia’s industrial potential, to set new targets and show good examples for industrial companies.  


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