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Public Private Partnership Forum in Kaluga: Regional Projects’ Development Prospects

PPP: Success Synergy international forum dedicated to public private partnership infrastructure projects was held in Kaluga on November 8, 2016. Over 300 people, including heads of federal and regional authorities, financial and legal institutions, representatives of major businesses, entrepreneurs, experts and analysts, attended the event.  

At the very beginning of the forum Insider’s View: Infrastructure Development Planning at Regional and Municipal Level plenary session took place.

Dmitry Razumovski, the Minister for Economic Development of Kaluga Region, noted that this year the forum became an international event. He said: “This proves the fact that more and more organizations demonstrate their ineptest in public private partnership as a form of cooperation between business and the government. For instance, issues related to regulatory basis remain acute, as certain regulations require clarification. We are to promote an easy-to-grasp framework for efficient public private partnership development”. 

Speaking at the plenary session, Ernest Sultanov, a coordinator of Forum of New Silk Road Cities, presented a project based on two core ideas: development of Eurasian cargo subway to increase cargo flows between participating cities, and development of Eurasian high speed subway to promote mobility of population of Russian regions, including Kaluga Region. Both projects are to be implemented using public private partnership mechanisms. Ernest Sultanov said: “Taking into consideration its investment and industrial potential, Kaluga Region may become a part of both international transport projects”.

Currently 12 public private partnership projects are being implemented in Kaluga Region.

In May 2016 an agreement related to reconstruction of Oreshkovo airfield located by Vorotynsk (Babynino district). The agreement provides for creation of a GA center in Kaluga Region.  A museum will be established at the airfield. The airfield will have everything required for demo flights and organization  of aviation-related events, for military patriotic activities, for aviation sports and for technical training of students from high schools and military schools. At least RUR210 million will be invested in the project.  

The forum was organized at the initiative of the Center for Public Private Partnership of Kaluga Region.