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Interpharmglass: New Member of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster

MMTI, Hong Kong, an international investment company, is to invest in construction of Interpharmglass  new primary pharmaceutical packaging plant in Kaluga Region.  

The new plant manufacturing neutral borosilicate glass (first hydrolytic class) to produce glass tubes, ampules, bottles, cartridges, will be located in  Kaluga industrial special economic zone. The company selected a 15 ha land plot located Lyudinovo District.

The cost of the first stage of the plant construction equals US$ 60 million. The project provides for three stages. Upon completion of the last stage the manufacturing facility will be able to produce medical glass for Russian manufacturers and to export its products to Europe and Asia.   The plant is to ensure supply of 20% of the total Russian market demand for medical borosilicate glass.  

As of today an agreement with Kaluga Region Government is concluded, a contract with technology and equipment supplier is signed, the design documentation is 70% ready. A construction permit is to be obtained in December 2016.   The first production lime is to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2018. The second and third lines are to be commissioned in 2019 and 2020 correspondingly.  

At the first stage the plant is to employ 330 people, at the second and third stages this amount is to reach 600.  Thanks to an innovative production technology the borosilicate glass has increased chemical strength. It is 100% environmentally safe and can be fully recycled after the use of content. The waste generated at all production stages is environmentally neutral. Its gathering and recycling do not require any special technology (glass granules). All primary waste will be recycled within the main production cycle. It will be added to the glass bath.


Kaluga Region pharmaceutical companies manufacture over 109 types of products, about 20 new medicines are being registered, several dozens more are being developed. Finished dosage forms account for over 80% of the cluster output. In 2015 the cluster produced medicines for RUR 19 billion.

According to results of a survey of 750 clusters carried out by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) only five Russian clusters received Cluster Excellence bronze certificate, including Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster, which had the highest rating in  Health and Medical Science group. It was compared to 19 leading European clusters operating in the same business area.