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Kaluga Region Demonstrates Economic Performance Improvement

The Ministry for Economic Development of Kaluga Region sums up the region’s industry performance in the first six months of 2019.

The industrial output grew by 5% YOY and reached RUR 406.7 billion.

Kaluga Region industry produced more railway equipment (increase by 40.8%), machinery and equipment (increase by 19.5%), chemicals (increase by 18.5%), food (increase by 14.8%), pharmaceuticals (increase by 12.6%).Oil products’ output increased by more than 2.6 times.

SMEs’ turnover equaled about RUR 24.9 billion, growing by 0.2% YOY.

The output of Kaluga Region agriculture grew by about 12%, milk production increased by over  18%.

Kaluga Region sales performance grew by 3.4%.

Equity investments in the first three months of 2019 grew by 1.7 times.