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Tekhnologiya Obninsk Research and Production Company Manufactures 1,800 Thermal Regulation Panels for Space Industry

Tekhnologiya Obninsk Research and Production Company named after A.G.Romashin developed the first thermal regulation panels made of composite materials 20 years ago. Labor intensity of manufacturing process was decreased by three times thanks to a unique technology created by the company.  The panels’ application eliminates risks of damage caused to space equipment through improper thermal control.    

In 1999 Tekhnologiya developed a technology to manufacture thermal regulation panels for space equipment. The new product did not require air tightness.  The new system maintained set temperature parameters using other engineering solutions as compared to air-tight equipment installed at satellites at that time. Such a solution helped mitigate risks of space equipment failures due to system decompression, increasing space equipment service life and efficiency by many times.

For the first time in Russia a technology was invented which provided for creation of a five-layer composite structure with bilateral layout of heat tubes. Such a unique solution both made space equipment more reliable and reduced its weight. First thermal regulation panels produced by  Tekhnologiya  were successfully tested in space back in 2003.

Andrey Silkin, Tekhnologiya Director General, said: “Our specialists have done enormous work in the field of research and development in twenty years. Today we are able to integrate the satellite frame in thermal regulation panels at the production stage. This ensures significant space equipment assembly’s time reduction. Aluminum alloys have been replaced with carbon fiber with ultra-high thermal conductivity performance, which helped us reduce the weight of all structures by one quarter.  Thanks to application of hi-tech products and new materials space equipment has become more reliable. Both science and economy benefit from it.”  

Tekhnologiya Obninsk Research and Production Company  has manufactured 1,800 thermal regulation panels for space equipment since 1999. Fifty six spacecraft featuring Tekhnologiya products with unique technical and weight properties have been launched into orbit.