Two More Kometa 120M Hydrofoil Vessels Will Have Tekhnologiya Glazing

Tekhnologiya, Obninsk Research and Production Company named after A.G.Romashin  (a member of Rostekh State Corporation) provided high-tech glazing materials for two more Kometa 120M seaworthy hydrofoil vessels. They are to be commissioned in 2020. The company’s products are used for glazing of passenger and control cabins of the vessels.

Tekhnologiya specialists successfully coped with a task to revamp the control cabins of the seaworthy ships. They improved observation and control capabilities for all weather conditions through installation of large electrically heated panoramic silicate triplex. Apart from that, unlike the first Kometa 120M the new ships will have two-section side panoramic polycarbonate glazing instead of three-section one, which donates to higher safety of the ship operation.

Tekhnologiya is to supply over 100 glazing products made of monolithic optic polycarbonate. This type of glazing proved to be very efficient in the course of test operation of the first hydrofoil vessel. It was commissioned on July 30, 2018 on Yalta – Sevastopol route. The ship transported about 39,000 passengers in one season.

Andrey Silkin, Tekhnologiya Director General, said: “Our company has all necessary capabilities to solve such tasks in the shortest possible period of time. In this case we designed the two-section panoramic glazing system in a few months. This year our products have been  accepted by the Russian Shipping Registry. Thus, our silicate and polycarbonate glazing products, as well as multi-layer  electrically heated optical structures for port lights and control cabin glazing are  approved by shipbuilders”.


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