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Kaluga Region Is on the List of the Most Innovative Regions of Russia

On January 16-18, 2017 the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow hosted the IX Gaidar Forum, Russia and the World: Values and Virtues. The list of discussions held at the forum included the following subjects: modern challenges for public administration, drivers for innovations’ development, introduction of project approach in government institutions, new challenges for central banks, digital society. Kaluga Region Government delegation headed by Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, attended the event.    

Gaidar forum is an annual international economics academic and research conference. The event has been held since 2010. Leading scientists and politicians, experts, representatives of the banking sector and business elite from around the world attend it.  

The forum helps shape the future economic growth and Russia’s integration into the global economy.  Foreign attendees get valuable insight into major trends of Russia’s social, economic and political development as well its business climate.

A presentation of 2017 Russia’ innovative regions rating was made at Gaidar forum. According to the rating, Kaluga Region is in Top 10 of the rating. Top 10 group comprises strong innovators.    

Roza Semenova, a project leader of the Russian Innovative Regions Association, said: “Leaders of the rating are the following: Saint Petersburg (first place), Moscow (second place), Tatarstan (stably holds the third place in the rating). These regions are followed by Tomsk, Novosibirsk Kaluga, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Samara and Tula regions”.

The rating assessment is based on 29 indicators divided into four categories: research and development, innovative activities, social and economic basis for innovative activities, innovations’ intensity in the region.   

Gaidar forum is organized by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Gaidar Institute, and   the Russian Innovative Regions Association.


The rating of innovative regions was developed by the Russian Innovative Regions Association in 2012 together with the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation  in cooperation with regional governments and leading Russian experts. The rating is intended for management and monitoring purposes. The Russian Innovative Regions Association updates the rating on a regular basis following statistical data publication.  

Analytical memos for the regions, which consist of general performance data, change monitoring and specific recommendations on development of regional policies aimed at improvement of regional innovative systems of relevant regions are the practical result of the rating.

Such memos give governors an opportunity to monitor changes in specific innovative performance and to use the rating as an efficient management tool.