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KT&G Rus has transferred 2,800 highly accurate test systems to Kaluga Region

On May 27, 27 KT&G Rus, a company from South Korea, which has been operating   for 10 years on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park, has donated 2,800 highly accurate Korean test systems to the inhabitants of Kaluga Region.

Test systems are of 100% specificity and have more than 95% sensitivity to SARS-CoV-2.  Test systems were delivered to the hospital of the Autonomous Public Health Care Institution “Kaluga Regional Specialized Center of Infectious Diseases and AIDS” (GAUZ KO KOSTsIZ and AIDS), which is now specialized on Coronovirus-positive patients.

When using these test systems, there are no false positive or false negative results, which distinguish them from many other PCR tests to a significant extent.   

“Kaluga Region is our home in Russia of which we have been taking care for many years already, providing regular social support in various directions," said Mr. Kim Younghoon, CEO of KT&G Rus LLC. “Our company shares a difficult moment with the citizens of Russia and contributes to the fight against one common enemy. We hope that the test systems will allow doctors to detect the disease at the earliest stage, including before the appearance of any symptoms, and finally help to limit the spread of the pandemic.”