ORPE Technologiya (Kaluga Oblast) Ramped up Production of Sitall Substrate for Integrated Chips in 2020

In 2020, ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin (division of the Rostec Corporation) doubled production of sitall substrates for film chips of electronic equipment.

In 2020, the enterprise produced 20,000 sitall substrates, which is twice as many as the previous year (10,000 in 2019). In 2021, Technologiya plans to double the supply rate of sitall substrates again: we already have concluded contracts for production of 40,000 items with Russian producers of electronic equipment.

Sitall substrates are used for manufacturing film chips and electronic equipment. The tracks of the chip are etched on the substrates, so their quality directly affects life of radio electronics. Products by ORPE Technologiya feature high level of cleanliness (Rz-0.024), which is 25 % higher than the commercially accepted standard, including foreign equivalents. Almost a third of the products (with dimensions: 64x64 mm) delivered to customers are produced with allowance for additional requirements, including enhanced properties of the work area 35x35 mm.

Andrey Silkin, General Director of ORPE Technologiya, says, “The enterprise is capable to fully cover the demand of the home electronic industry for sitall substrates. The growth in orders is also due to the higher quality of our products”.

Full production of sitall substrates was arranged by ORPE Technologiya in 2018 within the frames of the Import Substitution Programme. Earlier, that kind of equipment, necessary for electronic, aircraft, shipbuilding, and military industry, was supplied from abroad. Production capacities of ORPE Technologiya provide for manufacturing of 100,000 substrates per year.


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