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Matthias Platzek: “Business Should Act Wisely”

On June 6-10, 2016 Kaluga hosts German-Russian  Forum. On June 7, 2016 a workshop titled “The Search  for Investment Opportunities and their Use during Crisis”  was organized for young leaders. The event was attended by top managers of German and Russian companies, experts in the field of politics, economy, science and education from Germany and Russia, including specialists from Kaluga Region companies and institutions. Alexander Avdeev, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region, and Matthias Platzek, Chairman of the Board, German-Russian Forum, opened the workshop.    

The workshop agenda included the discussion on basics of cooperation between two countries, conditions for investment business in Russia in general and in Kaluga Region in particular.  

Alexander Avdeev delivered a welcome speech and spoke of Kaluga Region development strategy based on cluster approach and economy diversification, as well as of Kaluga Region cooperation with Germany.  Alexander Avdeev said: “Today Kaluga Region builds partner relations with many countries. In the recent years Germany has become one of the top foreign investors of Kaluga Region economy. Germany accounts for one third of the entire foreign trade turnover of the region”.

Matthias Platzek in his turn highly praised business environment created in Kaluga Region. He pointed out: “This is what businessmen say. No speaker has criticized Kaluga Region authorities at this forum. Kaluga Region managed to build an entirely new economy in a short period of time. Businessmen have mentioned certain economic difficulties, but companies still work introducing changes in their development plans. We should act wisely, building partner relations out of political framework, respect the interests of all countries, and shape the common foundation for efficient business”.   

Christian Matschke, Member of the Board, Berlin Chemie AG, added that Russia offers comfortable conditions for German businesses. He said: “We stick to a long-term development policy in the Russian market, and we strive to strengthen our positions in this country”.        

It is worth mentioning that the following investment projects are being implemented in Kaluga Region: Volkswagen Group Rus OOO, Benteler Automotiv OOO, manufacturing suspension parts and assemblies; three production facilities of Continental; Scherdel Kaluga OOO manufacturing  car seat frames; Fuchs Oil OOO producing lubricants and similar products; AIS Automotive Interior Systems, manufacturing plastic products by pressure molding  (production facility is located in the territory of Agregatny Zavod OOO in Lyudinovo); MALE RUS OOO, a warehousing facility supplying products to automotive industry companies located in Vorsino industrial park; Chemopharm OOO manufacturing medicines; agribusiness companies – Grimme, Lemken, Wolf System, Big Dutchman and EcoNiva-Kaluga ,a Russian-German joint venture, located in Detchino agriculture technology  center. Around ten Russian-German joint ventures are registered in Kaluga Region.