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Mercator Kaluga increases local production at the Russian market

On June 22 production line of VCM 2020 vacuum floor sweepers for municipal road service was solemnly opened at Mercator Kaluga plant in Kaluga-Yug Industrial Park. The following persons attended the solemn ceremony: Alexander Belogortsev, First Vice-President, Mercator Holding, Rolf Huber, Managing Director, Bucher Municipal AG, Guido Giletta, Managing Director, Bucher Municipal Winter AG.

VCM 2020 is a compact vacuum floor sweeper, having no Russian analogues by its performance. It is designed for cleaning road pavement and municipal territories.  

New production line is the result of investment and technological cooperation between Swiss Company Bucher Municipal (world leader in development and production of specialized road service and municipal equipment) and Russian company Mercator Holding. Line production capacity is 50 sweepers per month. 20 new jobs were created.

OOO Mercator Kaluga is a modern enterprise, based on use of European technologies for production of road construction, municipal and transport specialized equipment. Robot welding technology is first-time implemented in Russia at this plant for this type of equipment. Main products manufactured here: vacuum floor sweepers, multi-purpose road maintenance vehicles, refuse trucks, footpath cleaning equipment. Technologies used at the plant for production of equipment are classified as last-generation achievements of European companies in municipal machine-manufacturing. Mercator Holding has its share of more than 42% at the Russian market of multi-purpose road maintenance equipment.

Rolf Huber noted that the company, which wants to stay world leader in its segment, cannot ignore Russian market. “By investing in Russia, we express our confidence. For us Kaluga Region is a region for efficient investments with innovative technology base and highly-qualified personnel”, – Rolf Huber explained.

Talking about development of the enterprise in Kaluga, Guido Giletta highlighted that the company managed to create high-quality Russian product. “Major part of components was imported from Europe. Now we are working to increase local production by opening new production lines”, – Guido Giletta said. 

We remind that Mercator plant is a joint venture with participation of major European corporation Bucher–Guyer AG and its Italian division – Giletta S.p.a. Company, specialized in production of municipal equipment for maintenance of roads and municipal territories. Total volume of investments in Kaluga plant amounted to RUR 500 mln.


Additional information:

OOO Giletta is Russian company with Italian capital participation. A contract is concluded between Mercator Holding Company and OOO Giletta that part of production premises of new plant in Kaluga is provided to OOO Giletta for production of attachable equipment for multi-purpose road vehicles (equipment for maintenance of motor roads). OOO Giletta is the owner of process line to manufacture such equipment. OOO Mercator Kaluga produces final products – multi-purpose road maintenance vehicles, on which equipment manufactured by  OOO Giletta is attached.


For your reference:

In 2015 volume of foreign trade between Kaluga Region and Italy amounted to US 81.6 mln. Volume of US 13.4 mln foreign trade was achieved in 1Q 2016.

Other investment projects with participation of Italian companies in Kaluga Region: ZAO Berlin-Pharma, OOO Zuegg Russia (fruit semi-products for food industry), OOO XT&L Fitting Rus (car components), OOO LAMINAM RUS (super-fine ceramic panels), Palladio Zannini (packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry), OOO Gervasi Vostok (bodies for trucks), OOO SMK (fuel tanks for trucks), OOO Mercator Kaluga in partnership with Italian Company OOO Giletta (part of Bucher international corporation, production and marketing of road equipment, municipal plant and equipment).

For your reference:

In 2015 volume of foreign trade between Kaluga Region and Switzerland amounted to US 7.4 mln. Volume of US 1.2 mln foreign trade was achieved in 1Q 2016.

Other investment projects with participation of Swiss companies in Kaluga Region: Nestle Purina PetCare (division of Nestle for production of dry and wet pet food), OOO Forbo Kaluga (floor coating), OOO Omia Ural (crushed marble production in Vorsino Industrial Park).