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NLMK Kaluga Introduces Automated On-Site Railway Management System

NLMK Kaluga (a member of Rolled Steel Division, Russia, NLMK Group), a next generation electrometallurgical plant,  has introduced an online system for rolling stock management. The system monitors cars and locomotives’ movements at the plant railways.  

Following the system introduction NLMK Kaluga  managed to reduce freight cars’ turnaround time by 11%. The system’s expansion in 2019 is to further shorten the turnaround tome by two-three times.   

NLMK Kaluga specialists installed a system, which counts freight cars’ and locomotives’ axes. It controls their movements and transfers data to the monitoring system. The system displays and registers shunting operations and location of rolling stock in real-time mode.

As a result, freight cars’ turnaround time is reduced. The system introduction also made on-site  railway movements safer. It monitors situations when locomotives exceed speed limits and controls railway points’ positions in front of locomotives.

Vladimir Astafiev, the head of NLMK Kaluga Railway Transport Shop, said: “NLMK Kaluga’s rolling stock movements monitoring, reporting and registration system significantly saves time for railway traffic operators. Prior to the system’s introduction operators had to control and register in manual mode movements of 2,500 gondola cars with metal scrap coming to the plant and 1,500 gondola cars with finished products leaving the plant  each month. After the online monitoring system introduction all shunting operations of NLMK Kaluga Railway Shop transport  are planned and registered in automated mode. This helps us eliminate corruption of real-time data on shunting operations  as well as data on freight cars’ idle time”.

About NLMK Kaluga

NLMK Kaluga  is a next generation metallurgical plant, a member of Rolled Steel Division, Russia, NLMK Group. The plant’s commissioning in July 2013 was recognized as the most important event in the metallurgical industry at Metal Expo 2013 international exhibition in Moscow.

The company invested RUR 38 billion in the plant construction, including RUR 7.5 billion spent to introduce new environmentally friendly technologies.

NLMK Kaluga annual production capacity equals 1.5 million t of steel and 0.9 million t of rolled products. The plant has unique equipment enabling it to manufacture a wide range of premium grades’ rolled products  for construction industry. No other plant in Russia has such equipment.

NLMK Kaluga has created 1,250 new jobs. Apart from that 600 new jobs were created by companies providing works and services to the plant. Furthermore, the company also engages businesses from related industries in its operations.