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NLMK Kaluga reaches eight million marker in finished steel

NLMK Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant (part of NLMK Long Products) that manufactures a wide range of long products and sections used in construction, has produced its eight millionth ton of finished steel.  

NLMK Kaluga was launched in July 2013 at the territory of Vorsino industrial park of Kaluga Region near Moscow, the largest construction market of Russia. The basis of the project is a concept of a mini-plant, proposing the creation of the steelmaking and rolled steel production complex near the source of raw materials and consumers of finished products. 

Technological process is based on innovative solutions, which provide a high level resource saving, quality of products, industrial and environmental safety. Every year, the company sets records at the level of the world best practices in terms of output and the duration of a series of swimming trunks. 

“The company is constantly improving its technological processes. Thus, in March of this year, the steelmaking shop set a record figure for serial production of teeming at one ladle - 270 heats. In April, the total specific consumption of refractories amounted to 4.04 kg/t of finished steel. These are some of the best indicators in similar plants, ”said Victor Gomenyuk, Head of Steelmaking Shop of NLMK Kaluga. 

The plant uses its high-quality crude steel for the production of about 20 types and standard sizes of long products and sections; and also markets it as square billets.ф