TH Group Starts the Construction of the Largest Milk Processing Plant in Russia. The Plant with a Daily Capacity of 1,500 t Is to Be Built in Kaluga Region

An official groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 7, 2018 in Kaluga special economic zone (Borovsk District, Kaluga Region) where a milk processing plant of TH Group, Vietnam, is to be built. The event was attended by Alexey Gordeev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, Nguen Fu Chong, General secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Thai Hyung, President, TH Group, high officials of Russia and Vietnam.  

The milk processing plant with a daily capacity of 1,500 t will be the largest TH Group production facility of its kind in Russia. The plant is to be commissioned in 2021.  

An amount of US$ 155 million is to be invested in the plant construction project.  Upon reaching its full capacity the plant is to produce 10 types of products, including pasteurized and fresh milk,  cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt, dry milk, ice cream, etc. TH Group farms located in Moscow and Kaluga Regions are to supply milk to be processed at the plant.

The plant is to be built with due consideration of all requirements applicable to modern milk processing  facilities. The plant  premises will include production and packing shops, a facility for raw milk receipt and storage, processing and packaging lines, an automated storage facility, public and administrative buildings, etc.  All production process will be automated for better efficiency of the plant. The new facility is an element of an integrated milk processing chain being built under a project providing for creation of a hi-tech milk production and processing complex in Russia. The project costs US$ 2.7 billion.  TH Group innovative milk processing facility will export its products abroad, including export to China and Asia Pacific Region countries.

TH Group already operates in Kaluga Region.  A construction of a stock breeding facility was launched in Ulyanovo District on October 18, 2017. Several farms are to be built in Khvastovichi District.  The milk processing plant construction is another important step in development of a major Vietnamese brand. It is one of the largest investment projects being implemented in Kaluga Region food industry. TH Group is to invest US$ 220 million in its projects in Kaluga Region.  


TH Group (Vietnam) is a group of companies established in 2009. The group is engaged in hi-tech projects in the field of agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, financial sector and education. TH Group exports 60 types of products to dozens of countries.


Kaluga special economic zone has two sites in Lyudinovo and Borovsk districts of Kaluga Region. It is the closest industrial site of its kind to Moscow.  Kaluga SEZ has an area of 1,042 heIt offers all regionally available benefits, including those related to access to engineering, transport and business infrastructure, as well as tax breaks and customs benefits provided for by federal legislation. SEZ industrial development is to help revamp industrial facilities located in the northern and southern parts of Kaluga Region, and create preconditions for development of hi-tech industry sectors.


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