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Roadmap for Cooperation between Kaluga Region Government and Gazprom PAO Signed in Kaluga

An official ceremony dedicated to signing of a roadmap for Wider Use of Hi-Tech Products including Products Intended for Import Substitution Manufactured by Kaluga Region Companies by Gazprom PAO project  was held in Kaluga on November 29, 2017. The document was signed by Anatoly Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor, and Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Gazprom PAO.   

Pursuant to the road map at the initial stage manufacturers and R&D institutions of Kaluga Region are to prepare a list of products/services they plan to offer to Gazprom PAO.

At the following stage Gazprom PAO us to check whether the proposals meet corporate requirements. The companies’ readiness to launch mass production of relevant products is to be evaluated, and relevant tests are to be carried out.   

Companies selected by Gazprom PAO are to receive certificates of compliance to be issued by INTERGAZSERT. After that the products are to be included in the list of equipment, materials and technologies permitted for the use by Gazprom PAO. Thus, Kaluga Region companies will be able to take part in tenders organized by Gazprom PAO.   

On the same day a meeting was held to discuss how the work under the roadmap was to be organized.   


Anatoly Artamonov expressed his gratitude to Gazprom PAO for many years of fruitful cooperation with Kaluga Region. He said: “In 2006 - 2016 Gazprom invested in Kaluga Region gas supply program about RUR8 billion.  Gas pipelines, gas distribution stations are being built and revamped in Kaluga Region. Gas is available at 89.5% of Kaluga Region territory”.

Currently Gazprom actively implements social projects in the region.  Gazprom to Children program finances the construction of sports and recreation facilities. Addressing Gazprom PAO top managers Anatoly Artamonov said that “the recreation centers are very popular, they are used to the full extent, and we ask Gazprom to continue the program’s implementation”.

Speaking of cooperation between state corporations and Kaluga Region businesses the Governor stressed the importance of such business relations for the region’s economy.  

He said: “Our companies from various industries manufacture unique products. Certain companies are capable of manufacturing hi-tech equipment meeting Gazprom requirements. This meeting and the signing of the road map give an opportunity to Kaluga Region companies both to promote themselves in the Russian market and modernize their production facilities”.