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Kaluga Region ranks 2nd in the Central Federal District and 7th in the Russian Federation in terms of residential buildings construction per 1,000 people.

In 2022, 916,300 square meters of housing were commissioned in the Region.

To increase the volume of housing construction and improve the comfort of the urban environment, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Kaluga Region is working on the implementation of the "Housing and urban environment" national project. Additionally targeted programs have been implemented to relocate citizens from the emergency housing stock.

Production and warehouse areas

There are 4 groups of objects in the industrial real estate market:

Group I — industrial and administrative complexes consisting of a land parcel and buildings similar in characteristics to industrial estates;

Group II — production facilities consisting of a land parcel and objects of main and auxiliary production;

Group III — detached buildings (premises) for industrial purposes (administrative and household building, workshop, warehouse, hangar, etc.);

Group IV — automotive facilities, including garage complexes, garages, parking lots, gas stations, car service facilities, etc.

Production and warehouse facilities are concentrated mainly on the outskirts of the city: the microdistricts "Malinniki", "Terepets", "Azarovo", "Turynino", etc.

The Espro Group implemented the "A-park" and "B-park" projects according to the built-to-suit principle.

The industrial "A-Park" is located on the territory of the Grabtsevo industrial zone, on a parcel of 26 hectares within the city of Kaluga, next to the Volkswagen Group. The project partner is the Kaluga Region Development Corporation, which is actively engaged in the economic development of the Region. The built-up areas are occupied by the companies "Reydel Automotive Rus" (production of car door trim) and "Benteler Automotive" (production of car suspension parts).

The industrial "B-Park" is located on a parcel of 2.8 hectares, 15 kilometers from Kaluga, next to the plants of PSA Group. The first tenant of the industrial "B-Park" was the French company Faurecia Interior Systems, a supplier of interior elements for the automotive industry according to the JIT (Just-In-Time) system.

Retail and office areas

There is a certain gradation of commercial buildings, and depending on which rental rates are formed.

The objects are divided into 4 classes:

• class "A" — a complex of buildings with its own territory (shopping mall, shopping and entertainment complex, shopping center, mall, hypermall, hypermarket);

• class "B" — a separate shop building (supermarket, department store);

• class "C" — ground floors in a residential or office buildings (grocery, industrial store, pharmacy);

• class "D" — an annex, pavilion (a small retail business serving residents of a microdistict).

Commercial real estate of class "A" is the most prestigious premises, which are characterized by high quality finishes and engineering, automated life support systems and modern layout. They are located on main streets and highways, near public transport stops, with convenient access and approach. These can be newly built buildings with premium finishes, with an area of more than 30,000 square meters. Such facilities have underground or multi-level ground parking with a covered passage to the building. The owner of such real estates (usually a single owner) tries to attract "anchor tenants" to his premises and has his own concept of positioning the building on the market.

There is no commercial real estate of this class in Kaluga.

Real estate of class "B" is not much different in its level from the previous one. In particular, these are buildings with a total area of less than 30,000 square meters. They meet modern standards, have the necessary engineering communications, but are not so prestigious. These are rooms with improved finishes, in excellent or good condition, with a convenient entrance.

In Kaluga this category is represented by the following objects:

Shopping and entertainment center "Kaluga XXI Century"

Location: Kirov Street 1.

Date of construction: March 2005

The multifunctional shopping and entertainment center "Kaluga XXI Century" — the largest complex of business, trade and entertainment in the city — has opened its doors in March, 2005. Professionally planned by Colliers International, it successfully combines a business center, a hotel, a supermarket, retail galleries, a food court and an amusement park.

It is located in the city center on a street with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Shopping and office center "Moskovsky"

Location: Glagolev Street 3.

Date of construction: July 2011.

The original architectural solution and the use of modern finishing materials in construction favorably distinguish the Moskovsky shopping and office center from other shopping centers in Kaluga.

Shopping center "Evropeysky"

Location: Kirov Street 39.

Date of construction: 2008.

It is located in the city center on a street with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Commercial premises of class "C" are located in buildings that have been in operation for more than 20 years, as well as in outdated or reconstructed buildings.

In Kaluga this category of premises is represented by the following objects:

Office center "M-Grand"

Location: Kirov Street 15.

It is located in the city center on a street with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Business center "Moskovsky"

Location: Suvorov Street 121

The building was built in the 60s, in 2008 it has been renovated.

The Moskovsky Business Center is located on one of the central streets of Kaluga — Suvorov Street 121, It is a modern 7-storey building designed and equipped according to all the requirements for modern business centers.

Shopping and office center "Favorit"

Location: Kirov Street 36.

Shopping center "Detsky Mir"

Location: Kirov Street 75/33.

It is located in the city center on a street with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Shopping and office center "Feniks"

Location: Dzerzhinsky Street 17.

The following objects can be additionally distinguished: the hypermarket "Liniya", METRO Cash & Carry, the shopping center "Torgovy Kvartal", the shopping center "City", the shopping center "Tornado", the shopping center "Mayakovsky", the hypermarket "Leroy Merlin", etc

Real estate of class "D" — these premises are characterized by remoteness from the administrative center of the city (in residential microdistricts), located on the second line of houses. This may be a former housing stock that requires significant reconstruction costs. As a rule, the area of such objects is 50-80 square meters.

Thus, according to the above information, the following conclusions can be drawn:

• commercial real estate of Kaluga can be divided into 3 classes — "B", "C" and "D";
• retail areas of class "B" are represented in a small number, the data on the availability of vacant space and rental rates is mainly closed. Negotiations on such facilities should be conducted with the manager of the shopping center;
• retail areas of class "C" are presented in a fairly broad form, information on such objects can be periodically seen in open sources;
• retail areas of class "D" are represented on the market in a large volume, information about them is freely available. Here the rental price depends on the owner, it is very difficult to agree on a reduction in the rental rate depending, for example, on the area of the rented premises. You should also take into account the large initial costs of repairing and improving the premises.

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