"The Cradle of Russian Cosmonautics", "Small Petersburg", the birthplace of Russian queens and the motherland of peaceful atom — it’s all about Kaluga region. And the Region also has the first bird park in Russia, the world's first museum of the history of cosmonautics and the first weather mast in Europe.

Being in the very heart of Russia, Kaluga land has absorbed a significant number of important historical events, images and names.

The organic combination of the past, present and future make Kaluga Region unique for the tourism industry development.

Over the past 5 years, the tourist flow has increased 2.7 times.

There are:

more than 600 architectural monuments

more than 60 natural monuments

130 travel agencies

17 tour operators


Industrial tourism:


There are:

more than 200 enterprises in the new economy

more than 2,000 enterprises of traditional industry

more than 30 enterprises take tourists


Educational tourism:


Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics

This is the world's first and Russia's largest space-themed museum

Kaluga, Academician Korolev Street 2



This is Russia's first innovative Paper Museum

Dzerzhinsky district, Polotnyany Zavod village, Trudovaya Street 2


"MU MU", the Trash Art Museum

This is the one-of-a-kind modern art museum in the "thrash-art" style

Zhukovsky district, Istye village, 41st km of the federal highway "A-108", 5


Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant Museum

This is the real world's first nuclear power plant

Obninsk, Bondarenko square, 1


Zhukov Museum

The museum is in the Marshal of the Victory homeland

Zhukov, Sovetskaya Street 1


Tsvetaev family Museum in Tarusa

This is not just a museum of everyday life, but a place of annual Tsvetaev celebration, children's festivals, scientific readings, etc.

Tarusa, Rosa Luxemburg Street 30


Paustovsky Museum

This is the only Russian memorial house-museum of famous author

 Tarusa, Proletarskaya Street 2


The Great Standing on the Ugra River Museum-Diorama

This is the first Russian museum complex dedicated to the military campaign of 1480.

Dzerzhinsky district, Palaces village, Vladimir Skete of Kaluga St. Tikhon's Monastery


1812 Museum

This is a historical and memorial complex located right at the site of the battle

Maloyaroslavets, Moskovskaya Street, building complex — 13, 25


Kaluga Museum of Fine Arts

There are paintings of Levitsky, Savrasov, Shishkin, Polenov, Vasnetsov, Surikov, Levitan, and other famous artists in a magnificent merchant’s 19th-century mansion.

Kaluga, Lenin Street 104


Event tourism:


"Archstoyanie" landscape Art Objects Festival

This is the largest festival of land art and landscape art objects in Europe and Russia

Dzerzhinsky district, Nikola-Lenivets village


"Signal" Music and Architecture Festival

This is main symbol of the Russian rave music

Dzerzhinsky district, Nikola-Lenivets village


"Insomnia" Indipendent Animation Festival

This is author's animation from all over the world in the open air

Yukhnovsky district, Rylyaki village


"108 minutes" Space Festival

— to bring a person closer to the stars, to captivate him with space and science

Kaluga, Academician Korolev Street 2


Tsiolkovsky International Film Festival

This is the festival of films and programs about space

Kaluga, Academician Korolev Street 2


"Guitar World" International Music Festival

This is the largest guitar music festival in Europe and one of the largest in the world

Kaluga region, Kaluga


"The oldest theaters of Russia" all—Russian Theater Festival

There are performances of more, than 100-year-old theaters

Kaluga, Theater Square 1


Svyatoslav Richter Foundation Music and Art Festival in Tarusa

This is the festival in one of the favorite cities of Russian musicians, artists and writers

Kaluga region, Tarusa


Reenactment of the 1812 battle

There are live pictures of battle episodes

Maloyaroslavets, Moskovskaya Street 27


Reenactment of "The Great Standing on the Ugra River"

There is full immersion in the atmosphere of the 15th century

Dzerzhinsky district, Dvortsy village




Ugra National Park

This is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve


"Kaluzhskiye Zaseki" Nature Reserve

This is communication with bisons and contact with the wild nature

Ulyanovsk district, Ulyanovo village, Bolshaya Sovetskaya Street 75



This is the largest art park in Europe

Dzerzhinsky district, Nikola-Lenivets village


"Etnomir" Ethnographic Park-Museum

This is the largest ethnographic park in Russia

Borovsky district, Petrovo village


"Vorobji" Bird Park

There is the largest collection of parrots in Russia

Zhukovsky district, State Farm "Pobeda" village, Bird Park Street 3/1


Ecopark "Biosphera"

There are more than 50 species of animals and birds

Kaluga, Komfortnaya Street 15


"Kapri" Farm

This is great place for a family weekend

Tarusa district, Kresty village


Chertovo Gorodishche

This is a picturesque forest tract with unique nature and fascinating legends

Kozelsk district, Optina district forestry of the National Park "Ugra"


"Vihlyandiya" Fairy Courtyard

This is open-air fairy tale museum

Kozelsk, Staraya Kazachya Street 1


Koltsovo Caves

These are the remains of surviving since the 19th century limestone mine workings.

Ferzikovo district, Koltsovo village


Pilgrim tourism:


Vvedensky Stavropegial Monastery "Optina Pustyn"

This is the spiritual homeland of the Optina elders

Kozelsk, Optina Pustyn Monastery


Borovsky Paphnutiev Monastery

This is not only a community of monks, but also an architectural museum

Borovsk, Dmitrov Street 1


Our Lady of Kazan Ambrosievskiy Stavropegial Women's Monastery

This is one of 5 monasteries outside the Moscow region, which reports directly to the Patriarch of Russia

Kozelsk district, Kamenka settlement, Staroye Shamordino village


Monastery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Kaluga St. Tikhon's Pustyn

There are miracles and healings performed at the shrine over the relics of St. Tikhon and at his Holy Spring which attract thousands of pilgrims annually

Dzerzhinsk district, Lev Tolstoy village, Sovetskaya Street 19


St. Nicholas Chernoostrovsky Women's Monastery

This is one of the most famous women's monasteries in Russia

Maloyaroslavets, Kutuzov Street 23


Spaso-Preobrazhensky Vorotynsky Women's Monastery

There are two preserved temples — rare tent-style examples

Kaluga, Spas-on-Ugra village


Trinity Cathedral

This is the only one in Russia whose dome has no internal supports

Kaluga, Stary Torg square, City Park


St. George Meshchovsk Monastery

This is one of the main monasteries in the homeland of the Russian queens

Meshchovsk, Iskra village, Monastyrskaya Street 1


The Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the moat

This is the oldest stone architectural monument in Kaluga

Kaluga, Marat Street 4


The Church of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women

This is one of the most beautiful historical churches in Kaluga

Kaluga, Kirov Street 21


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