There are about 4,000 objects of cultural, historical and architectural heritage in Kaluga Region.

  • 221 — federal cultural heritage objects;
  • 226 — regional cultural heritage objects;
  • 13 — municipal cultural heritage objects;
  • 567 — found cultural heritage objects.

The oldest stone viaduct in Russia is the Bolshoy Kamenny Most. It was built in 1785. There are almost 240 years Kamenny Most serves its intended purpose.

Kaluga, Bazhenov Street

The only cathedral in Russia whose dome has no internal supports is the Trinity Cathedral (1818).

Kaluga Regional Drama Theater is the oldest in Russia. It was founded in 1777 (only the Fyodor Volkov Theater in Yaroslavl is older).

Unique Gostiny Dvor complex is one of the Kaluga symbols and the Kaluga merchants center since 1782

Kaluga, Stary Torg square


The heart of Kaluga is Voskresenskaya Street, which is almost 400 years old. There are many houses which were built in the XVIII–XIX centuries.


The Innovative Cultural Center is a modern multifunctional platform for forums, festivals, exhibitions, concerts.

Kaluga, Oktyabrskaya Street 17


Obninsk weather mast is the highest in the world. Its height is 310 meters. It measures air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure.

Obninsk, Guryanov Street


Kaluga Region has a huge architectural heritage that requires investment support. 12 objects are included in the "Historic manors revival" project.

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