Kaluga Region is among the ten most eco-friendly regions of Russia.

It takes the 6th place in the rating compiled by the Russian public organization "Green Patrol" in 2024.

The most important eco-events in 2023 are:

— putting of 200 thousand sterlet fingerlings into the Oka, the main region river;
— putting of 12 bisons in the national park’s "Ugra" forests;
— increase in the regional nature reserve fund area by 140 hectares;
— development of Sosnowsky’s hogweed spread interactive map;
— launch of the online air monitoring system;

Kaluga Region participates in the "Forest Preserving" and "Unique Water Objects" projects which are the part of the"Ecology" national project.
The regional project "Forest Preserving" is annual restoration work which helps to grow about 2,000 hectares of forest.
Kaluga Region takes an active part in special programs such as "Equipping specialized institutions with forest protection from fires equipment and equipment for forest protection complex measures".
Over the next two years, the reservoir of Yachenka river, one of the most important recreational areas of Kaluga, will be cleared up.

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