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Infrastructure for Families with Children

A special training center for German-speaking children of Volkswagen employees was set up by the company in Kaluga Lyceum No. 48 (16 Motorostroiteley Blvd., Kaluga). PSA Peugeot Citroën organized similar training centers for French-speaking children of its employees in Kaluga Gymnasium No. 24 (12a, Fridrikha Engelsa St., Kaluga) and Kaluga  Lyceum No. 48 (16 Motorostroiteley Blvd., Kaluga and bldg. 1, 10 Entuziastov Blvd., Kaluga).

Apart from that, the Kaluga International School Autonomous Non-Profit Organization was established in Kaluga Region in 2012. It is located at 1 Tsentralnaya Alleya, Voskresenskoe, Ferzikovo District, 249815, Kaluga Region. The school is intended for 3-18 year old students and can accommodate up to 100 children. Education is organized in compliance with the IB (international bachelor) program. Students graduating from the school will get a secondary education diploma meeting international standards. This gives graduates a chance to be admitted to some of the leading international universities without entry exams. The school teachers are foreign specialists who have relevant international diplomas and certificates.

The school offers a 4-stage education curriculum (pre-school, elementary, basic secondary and complete secondary educations) based on innovative methods and techniques. The key objective is to build knowledge and skills in different disciplines, providing training in Russian and foreign languages. Apart from that, the school offers additional training and re-training courses to fully satisfy the educational needs of Russian and foreign citizens.


Kaluga International School site