Foreign language mass media

Foreign language mass media in Kaluga and Kaluga Region:

Periodical printed titles (newspapers and magazines)

Kaluga Region Herald (Vestnik) – regional news publication covering all aspects of the region’s economic policy. The printed edition has a circulation of 1,000 copies and is printed monthly in Russian and English. The electronic edition of the herald is available online on websites of the Agency for Regional Development, Kaluga Region Development Corporation, embassies and trade missions: www.arrko.en and http://eng.invest.kaluga The herald is distributed as a presentation publication at conferences, forums, business meetings, and at the Representative Office of Kaluga Region with the RF Government. The publication can also be found at regional hotels (Ambassador, Aliye Parusa, etc.).

PDF version of Vestnik is available on the Investment Portal:

Kaluga Discovery - regional news and advertising publication, a cultural, social and business guide to Kaluga and Kaluga Region. Published since 2011 with support from the Ministry for Sports, Tourism and the Youth Policy of Kaluga Region, Economics Department of the Kaluga City Municipal Board and the Obninsk City Administration. Some materials in the publication are translated into five languages by ALEAN Professional Translations Center (English, French, German, Spanish and Armenian).

Television (satellite, cable)
Popular international channels: English Club TV, Euro News, Bridge TV, Russia Today, BBC World News, Bloomberg TV Europe, The World Network, World Fashion Channel, Diva Universal, Syfy Universal, TV1000 Action (Viasat Action Film), Viasat Nature (Viasat Action Film), Viasat Explorer,Viasat History, Discovery Channel, Discovery HD Showcase, Discovery Science, Discovery World, Animal Planet, Animal Planet HD, Investigation Discovery, and TLC.

Cable and satellite TV operators:

Tricolor TV – free satellite TV operator that provides services of digital quality transmission of Russian and international channels.


NTV-PLUS – satellite TV operator that offers retransmission of Russian and international channels along with its own programming. NTV-PLUS subscribers can currently receive over 180 channels, including high definition (HDTV) and 3D channels.


HotBird – satellite television services from Alcatel (France). Hotbird transmits channels with programming in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Serbian and many other languages. It also offers many international programming packages, including Sky (Italy), Orange (France), Nova (Greece), Polsan and Cyfra+ (Poland) and many others. The operator broadcasts channels from CIS – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.


Active TV – satellite operator offering Russian and several international channels. The operator supports over 60 channels, including HDTV format channels.  Like with other operators, subscribers have the opportunity to change any package of channels.


Raduga TV» - satellite television from Continental Multimedia (CMSA) (Luxemburg) and Modern Times Group (MTG) (Sweden). Raduga TV currently offers over 50 Russian and international channels, including major global TV channels.


Continent TV — satellite broadcasting system that allows viewers to watch principal broadcasted channels, films, news, sports, music and children’s programs, programs about fishing, football, cars in digital quality provided by leading Russian and international production companies: VGTRK (Russia), Discovery, Universal and others.

Investment digest

Printed products