2 Freight Villages

Kaluga Region is the first in Russia to create on its territory multimodal complexes of the "freight village" type. To date, this is the most modern and in-demand transport and logistics solution, which includes production, logistics (industrial real estate), transport infrastructure and value-added infrastructure, that is, customs services, service areas, dormitories and retail. Currently, two multimodal transport and logistics complexes provide a full range of freight forwarding services in the Kaluga Region:

"Freight Village Vorsino" is the largest logistics hub in the Central Federal District. It is included in the general development plan for the Moscow railway junction, and is one of the main terminals for the container processing output outside Moscow. The logistics hub parts are a railway cargo terminal, a customs warehouse, a motor vehicle terminal and a warehouse complex. In the industrial zone sites are provided for the placement of industrial enterprises. There is a customs station of the Kaluga Customs on the territory of the transport logistics center.

The area of the complex is 570 hectares.

The capacity of the container terminal is 350,000 TEU per year.

The total length of the railway tracks is 10 kilometers.

"Freight Village Rosva" is a transport and logistics center of interregional format, created and aimed to optimize the logistics operations of residents of the Kaluga region industrial parks, such as "Grabtsevo", "Rosva", "Kaluga—Yug", as well as to serve other participants in foreign trade. The freight village includes a motor vehicle customs terminal and a multimodal foreign trade zone, a warehouse complex of 4,000 m2, a railway terminal with 6 tracks and a station yard,

The area of the complex is 64 hectares.

The capacity of the container customs terminal is 150,000 TEU per year.

The total length of railway tracks is 13,000 meters.

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