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Kaluga Region Industrial Parks to Be the First Included in the Federal Registry

Denis Manturov, the Minister for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, signed an order confirming the compliance of the first four industrial parks included in the federal registry, with the requirements to industrial parks established by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 794 of August 4, 2015.

Starting from 2016 only industrial parks included in the federal registry, may receive government support.  The industrial parks’ administration bodies are to submit a set of documents to get appropriate accreditation.

Dmitry Ovsyannokov, Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, said: “The government, which provides complex support to the development of industrial infrastructure through establishment of industrial parks, sets certain criteria the said industrial parks are to satisfy. Industrial parks included in the federal registry will receive subsidies both from regional and federal budgets for three years when they will have to get a new accreditation”. 

The first industrial parks to get accreditation and to be included in the federal registry are the industrial parks from Kaluga Region, namely,  Vorsino, Grabtsevo, Rosva and Kaluga - Yug.  

Alexey Laptev, the First Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region, said: “The industrial parks’ certification gives a clear signal to the regions’ governments that funds are to be spent in an efficient manner. I am absolutely positive that the fact that Kaluga Region industrial parks were the first to be included in the registry demonstrates high efficiency of Kaluga Region Government. 25,000 new jobs were created in these parks only, 65 investment projects are being implemented there.   He have attracted RUR 14  per each RUR 1 in costs, and received RUR 13 as taxes.  The industrial parks certification also gives us certain preferences if we speak of the federal government support. We actively use such support to further develop our infrastructure”. 

Twelve industrial parks have been established in Kaluga Region. 98 industrial facilities are being operated there.  Automotive, pharmaceutical, transport & logistics, agro-industrial, construction materials’ and metalworking industry clusters have been established and are being developed. 

Currently over 25 applications from industrial parks from other regions are being reviewed by the Ministry for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.