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Ruukki Launches Production of Innovative Sandwich Panels in Kaluga Region

The production of innovative sandwich panels developed by Ruuki in cooperation with ISOVER began at Ruuki plant in Balabanovo, Kaluga Region, on February 25, 2016. A presentation of the new product was organized within the framework of a press tour for federal and regional mass media.

Life sandwich panel is a unique energy efficient solution in the segment of envelope structures. No similar products are being produced in Russia.  Ruuki plans to manufacture 100,000 sq. m of Life panels per annum, the total sandwich panel output exceeds 800,000 sq.m.  Renewable materials account for over 85% of all raw materials used for sandwich panel production. The application of sandwich panels in construction helps reduce electric power consumption by up to 40% due to more efficient thermal insulation, and reduce CO2 emission by up to 45%. The use of Life sandwich panels allow companies get better results in the course of  LEED and BREAM certification, thus making projects more attractive from the investment point of view without any additional costs.  

Alexander Belyaev, Director for Technical development, Ruuki Rus OOO, speaking of the launch of the new product, said: “Ruukki is a world renowned company. Its innovative developments and solutions for energy efficient construction have made it famous. The launch of Life sandwich panels’ local production signifies a new step towards introduction of green standards in Russia. Today more than ever before Russia needs modern energy efficient solutions for its construction industry.    We are proud that our long-term strategy aimed at development of local production proves its efficiency through the years and meets up-to-date market requirements and trends”.

Life sandwich panels are manufactured at the existing Ruuki production lines in Balabanovo. They are made of thin steel sheets and ISOVER rock wool. For the first time in Russia the sandwich panel has a glass fiber rock wool core. New sandwich panels demonstrate better heat saving capacity as compared to competitors. Its weight has been reduced by two times, which allows construction companies optimize loadbearing structures, reduce foundation loads and simplify the panel installation process.  Apart from that, ISOVER rock wool, being a component of new sandwich panels, has better elasticity modulus, ensuring higher strength for the panels.

Ruuki strives to use local resources to a maximum extent. Thus, it purchases steel from Russian manufacturers, including NLMK. Certain steel elements are imported from SSAB steel plants in Finland. The company concluded an exclusive agreement with a global leader in the field of heat insulating production for supply of rock wool from its plant located in Egorievsk, Moscow Region.

All Life sandwich model components may be recycled and used once again.  Apart from that, the panels may be uninstalled from one building and installed at another one before the expiry of their service life.  

Ruuki has invested EUR 150  million in its Russian production facility (as of January 2016).