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A number of Russian and foreign companies are on the list of potential residents of Kaluga special economic zone.   

Number of Residents

Residents of the Kaluga SEZ are:


Agro-Invest, LLC

The Investor has been implementing the project on the construction of greenhouse complexes for all-year vegetable production (cucumbers, tomatoes). The most advanced high performance technologies are applied there. The company built and launched in March 2015 first phase of greenhouse complex with 20ha surface; the complex extended its surface up to 43 ha by late 2016. Second phase of major project has been already implemented; total surface of modern greenhouses will be 100 ha; production output will achieve up to 75, 000 tons of vegetables per year.  

The declared investment volume is 12.5 billion Rub., 1209 jobs will be created.

Ecologicheskiy domostroitelniy kombinat Ludinovo, LLC (house building factory)

This is a project on the construction of an integrated resource-saving house building factory where their own raw-material supplies base (timber), advanced processing of low-grade soft-wooded broadleaf timber will be developed and applied. The Resident will implement mass (assembly-flow) production of high quality fully shop-assembled comfortable economy class fiberboard housing. The declared investment volume is 3.8 billion Rub., 264 jobs will be created.


VODOSTOP project means construction of waterproof and noise insulation floor coverings plant. Manufacturing of extruded parquet is innovative in the Russian market. Having the same performance properties, extruded parquet offers serious advantages over laminated floorings and natural parquet such as humidity resistance, noise reduction, the absence of carcinogenic formaldehydes, the possibility to use it in the under floor heating system and to do wet cleaning, increased fire-resistance, low cost.

The declared investment volume is 652 million Rub., 65 jobs will be created.

Krasin Karandashnaya fabrika, LLC (Pensil factory)

Krasin Karandashnaya fabrika, LLC is a writing instruments factory where the most advanced equipment and innovative technologies will be applied.

The factory activities date back to 1926. Krasin Karandashnaya fabrika, LLC was included in the Russian Federal program of top-priority investment projects on baby goods industry dated the 24th of June, 2014 №1203. The enterprise fulfills orders of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, large Russian and foreign companies and banks and most significantly, schools and preschools.

The main advantage of the “Krasin” factory is the availability of their own integrated production facilities (from obtaining raw materials to manufacturing and packaging ready made goods) which makes it possible to produce different goods intended for preschool development, schooling, professional use by such specialists as stonecutters, beekeepers, clothing manufacturers, carpenters, artists, office workers.  The availability of a powerful technological base formed during 90 years allows manufacturing goods with unique performance characteristics, properties and quality.

Another important competitive advantage is the “Krasin” brand equity. Russian stationery market is characterized by the absence of strong brands. The only exception is “Krasin” with its 90 years long history of the trendsetter and manufacturer of consistent high quality writing instruments.  Consequently, “Krasin” is the national brand which cooperates with all federal distributors having their own brands.

The declared investment volume is 300 million Rub., 600 jobs will be created 300 of which are for disabled people.

Alkhimet, LLC

The project supposes the introductory implementation of the world’s best resource-saving technologies of manufacturing of steel galvanized wire with anticorrosion coating of increased durability. The unique technologies which will be applied at the plant will not only ensure power consumption reduction by 3-4 times. They are absolutely environmentally friendly. 

The declared investment volume is 598 million Rub., 50 jobs will be created.

San Marco Russia, LLC

San Marco Group is a group of industrial enterprises for manufacturing and sales of paints and decorative coatings for professional construction. The company developmental history which began in Italy more than a half-century ago (in 1962) has made it one of the international market leaders. Today San Marco group comprises 9 plants all over the world and 7 brands and is one of the Italian leaders in the field of professional paints and decorative coatings for professional construction. Every year the group invests up to 5 per cent of the plant annual sales in research and development.  San Marco plant has developed a wide range of materials and coloration cycles, both traditional and ultramodern, relying on new technologies in the professional construction field.  Continuous research has allowed the Company to develop innovative materials for façade works based on siloxane resins which surpass the properties of traditional lime-based materials in resistance to damage and durability.  A wide range of high quality environmentally friendly interior paints has been developed for home comfort and human health care. These are odorless paints free from organic solvents, formaldehydes and hazardous substances, they are non-allergic and, in some cases, designed for areas where food products are used/stored.    

The Investor will implement the project on the construction of paintwork materials plant with the declared investment volume of 168 million Rub. and 13 jobs to be created in the territory of the SEZ “Kaluga”.

Interpharmglass Kaluga, LLC

Plant for manufacturing of neutral borosilicate glass for glass tubes, ampoules, bottles and cartridges for pharmaceutical industry. The range of manufactured products promotes import substitution of high-level processing products made of local raw materials – quartz sand, soda, potash etc to be used as basic pharmaceutical packaging. The products have high export potential to the countries with developed pharmaceutical industry, and they are not commodities. Number of jobs to be created at the first phase of the project is 330. Volume of investments is RUR 4.763 bln.


The project consists in building a plant for manufacturing of non-woven wallpaper with production capacity of 2,102.4 thousand of rolls per year. Number of jobs to be created is 57. Volume of investments is RUR 1.270 bln. The company will sell products both at the territory of the Russian Federation and outside its limits (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Belorussia).  

Kaluga Polymer, LLC

The project consists in building a plant for manufacturing of pump packs for cosmetic industry and packaging for liquid detergents. The range of manufactured products promotes import substitution of packaging solutions for cosmetic industry (pump packs for liquid detergents). At the same time, the products have proven export potential, being not a commodity, but a high-level processing products made of Russian polymer materials. Number of jobs to be created is 47. Volume of investments is RUR 340 mln.

Kronospan Kaluga, LLC

The project intends to organize production of fiberboardsт (MDF). The volume of production is estimated at least at 313,000 m3 per year. Production of HDF (high-density fiberboard) and LMDF (laminated medium-density fiberboard) is also planned. New plant will be located at the site of “Kaluga” Special Economic Zone in Lyudinovo District. The sum of investments is RUR 17.54 bln. At least 150 new jobs are planned to be created.  

Refcool, LLC

The project intends to build a complex for production of climate control and refrigerating equipment at 4.2 ha site of Kaluga SEZ, in Borovsk District of Kaluga Region. Future product range of the complex will ensure import substitution at the Russian market of climate control and refrigerating equipment. At the same time, the products have confirmed export potential with high Russian content in feed and components. The production process is of high-tech nature, using global experience of manufacturing similar equipment. Planned volume of investments will exceed RUR 437.8 mln. Number of jobs to be created is 140.

Innovatsionnye Kompositnye Technologiy, LLC

Plant for production of composite materials for construction and industries. Production volume exceeds 3,000 tons per year. The project will be implemented at 2.3 ha land plot, at Liudinovo site of Kaluga SEZ. Volume of investments will exceed RUR 125 mln. Number of jobs to be created is 100.

Mir-Farm, LLC

Construction of an enterprise for the production of high-technology pharmaceutical substances with a capacity of up to 41 tons per year. The number of jobs is 130. The total investment volume of the project is about RUR 975 mln. The company selected SEZ site, located in the Borovsk district.

TH Milk Industry, LLC

The project includes construction of a plant for milk processing and manufacturing of up to 1,000 tons of dairy products per day, including milk, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, cheese and functional dairy products. The company selected a Special Economic Zone site located in Borovsk District. Estimated number of new jobs – 350. Total investments – over 6.7 billion rubles. 


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