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Investment Projects

Eco System Project
Industrial sector
20 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

Arranging for joint productions of ArtFacade thermal panels, façade facing tiles, roofing slabs, and leave-in-place forms.

The purpose of the project is to create a network of facilities to produce ArtFacade products within the Eco System Project of TechnoNIKOL and ArtFacade Group.

ArtFacade creates production shops in 5 Russian regions where TechnoNIKOL plants producing XPS extrusion polystyrene foam are located, manufactures required equipment, fine-tunes the technology, and launches these facilities.

TechnoNIKOL provides aid and assistance in sale of the produced products using its own distribution network, and provides relevant technical support.

The total value of the project is RUB 100 mln, including the creation of 5 production shops and their full-scale development. To implement this project, it is required to manufacture a semi-automated line to produce 10 mm thick façade facing tiles with special inserts having a capacity of 8,000-10,000 m2/month for producing ArtFacade façade thermal systems.

Implementation period: 6 months – achievement of the designed capacity, 18 months – full payback of funds to the investor
Requirements for the investor: Investment of funds. Required amount of investment per one production store is RUB 10-20 mln.
All Together (Vse Vmeste) Foundation
Industrial sector
40 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

The project comprises several segments: production of household detergents and network of mini markets. 

The return on investment (ROI) is 65.7 per year that will pay back the project within 2 years.

The project includes:

  • Production of cleaning and washing products, viscose products, liquid soap, windscreen water fluid, and PET package.
  • Distribution of the products in all regions.
  • Development of the production capacity and extension of the product mix.
  • Operation as contractual production.
  • Unique product distribution system
  • Output of organic products.


The project provides for launching a large-scale production with a conveyor line, single brand and federal advertizing.

Implementation period: 4 years
Requirements for the investor: Direct investment, 51 % share in the company with the right of redemption
Eat & go
Agricultural sector
1 100 000 RUB
scope of investment
Agricultural sector

Modern format of street food. The café will be made of refurbished sea container. Location in the very center of the city will provide opportunity to cover very diverse customer audience. The purpose of the project is to create a qualitative fast food place at affordable prices. A team of professional has been already formed and is ready to put in practice the most audacious ideas.

Implementation period: 1 month
Requirements for the investor: Investment of funds. Profit is expected already by the end of this year
PIM Process (powder injection molding, steel, ceramics)
Industrial sector
53 388 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

Organization of hi-tech industrial production of complex shape high precision steel and ceramic components (surface finish 9 and 10). The process provides for virtually no material loss of subsequent mechanical processing.  Powder injection molding (PIM) is a process allowing production of metal (MIM - Metal Injection Molding) and ceramic (CIM - Ceramic Injection Molding) products. PIM process combining traditional plastic injection molding and metal powder agglomeration, ensures both high precision and complex shape of plastic products and strength of metals (alloys) properties. 

Implementation period: Production line launch – 5-7 months. Project payback period - 2 years.
Vegetable food pectin fibers (insoluble fiber)
Industrial sector
180 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

The project provides for launching of  food pectin fiber production of sugar sand production scraps. In the course of sugar production from sugar beet sugar-free beet pectin fiber is generated as production waste.   The fiber is used as a raw material for production of pectin  (Е440 additive) and food fibers. There are no pectin-producing plants in Russia, thus all pectin and food fibers used in Russia are of foreign origin.  

 Production process in brief: Dry beet pulp (pectin fibers) is purchased at sugar plants (RUR 5-7/kg). Dirt is removed by water, fibers are whitened (whitening degree similar to wheat), dried, milled  (grinding fineness < 100 μm) and packed in valve bags. Cost of production – RUR 50/kg. Currently food  fibers are sold at RUR. 120-180/kg, depending on fiber quality. 
Fibers are used in all sectors of food industry, including production of milk, confectionery products, bread, meat uncooked food, juice, etc. Fiber content in finished products – up to 25%.  All food plants use fibers.   
Soy fiber (US$ 4/kg) is the main competitor. The only Russian plant producing food fibers is Uzlovaya Milk Plant (Tula Region). It has a capacity of 20 t per day.   

Competitive advantages as compared to soy fibers:
1) Moisture-retaining capacity of soy fiber is 5 (pectin fiber – 15).  
2) The cost of soy fiber – US$ 4/kg, pectin fiber – RUR 120/kg.  

Competitive advantages as compared Uzlovaya Milk Plant products: Uzlovaya Milk Plant  fiber whiteness – 75 units, Agrokomservis OOO fiber - 85 units. Whiteness is the second key quality parameter in terms of importance following moisture retaining capacity.   

Implementation period: up to 12 months
Requirements for the investor: project co-financing (50-70%)
Plaster Construction Materials
Industrial sector
300 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

A new unique technology for continuous non-autoclaved technical grade plaster production has been developed and a relevant patent has been obtained. The cost of production is similar to that of construction grade plaster.

The new technology will result in discontinuing older processes for technical and construction plaster production. Apart from that, high-strength construction and technical grade plaster will be able to replace concrete in certain applications.

Plaster has a number of important advantages as compared to concrete. For instance, power costs associated with plaster production are 4-5-fold lower as compared to similar costs for concreate production. Furthermore, plaster setting takes minutes, while concrete setting takes a day.

The application of inexpensive fast-setting plaster in construction will significantly change the industry.

A business concept for application of plaster in construction industry has been developed. Plaster is viewed as a main construction material for production of pre-fabricated large blocks.

The project provides for large-scale replication of production process both in Russia and abroad.

Implementation period: The project is to be implemented on a staged basis. The first profit-generating stage may be implemented in 1-1.5 years.
Requirements for the investor: Reliable and legitimate business
Kaluga Concrete Plant
Industrial sector
3 462 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Industrial sector

Construction materials’ production. Application of dry  greenfield technology. Process equipment supplier - FLSmidth (Denmark), a world-leading company. Annual capacity – up to 3,5 million t of concrete.

Implementation period: 2,5 years after initial investments.
Requirements for the investor: company from relevant market segment, having adequate competences and experience.
Construction of a facility to store, process and distribute agricultural products in Kaluga Region. Small fruit production.
Agricultural sector
830 880 000 RUB
scope of investment
Agricultural sector

Storage of agricultural products and distribution in all regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, the Baltic states. Sorting/grading, processing, packing and rendering marketable state to crops .  Small fruit packing and blast freezing in a deep freeze compartment, distribution through retail stores. Storage and distribution of vegetables and fruits supplied from EU countries. 

Requirements for the investor: stable financing pursuant to a schedule, possible grace period (both the credit amount and relevant interest). Investor to become a founder (share – up to 50% (fifty per cent)). Russian speaking .
Rabbit Breeding Investment Project
Agricultural sector
11 000 000 RUB
scope of investment
Agricultural sector

Establishment of an animal farm to produce rabbit meat and rabbit meat processed products. 

Implementation period: 50 months